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Meet “Ken Kash” Model/Designer

Meet Ken Kash 
My name is Rekendrick but I’m socially known as Ken Kash. Born in Long Beach California and raised in Memphis, Tn. I’m a up and coming Designer/Model on the rise. Newly Launching my new Men’s clothing line. I’m so excited to debut in my eyes the new evolution of Men’s clothing. My line will represent myself. Risky, Fun, Different and Versatile. Most importantly, I want to inspire young men to be who they are and express their Personality and opinions. While in the process of working on my line MEN 2017 Spring Collection

I just finished up a guest appearance in a YouTube film “Not A Horror Story” which was so much fun. I’m also getting pieces together for a Summer Fashion show coming in . I would definitely say my life has been in the fast lane. Furthermore, I would love a feature on your site because not only are both helping and supporting each other’s brand. But This will surely help me inspire other men to follow their dreams in starting a business in whatever field they desire.

What’s Next For “The Freaky Boiz” .@ttgotit .@PrinceCharmingP

The Freaky Boiz has been very quiet for almost a year. Questions has surfaced of when they are going to release their long awaited album. Sources report that they are working on new material, but they are afraid on releasing a new album. 

Personally, I think it’s time The Freaky Boiz release an album because they have a dedicated fan base. In order for them to go to the next level, The Freaky Boiz need a successful album.

2017 First Transgender Death Mesha Caldwell  

#meshacaldwell RIP wow I’m tired of seeing trans of women getting killed. I hope the police find her killer. 

Check out the news report here. 

MADISON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) – A transgender woman was found shot to death on a Madison County road on Wednesday.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office received a call around 3:45 pm that a body was in the road on Heindl Road near Old Yazoo Road, just outside the Canton city limits.
Madison County Coroner Alex Breeland identified the body as 41-year-old Omario Caldwell, but family and friends say her name was Mesha. Caldwell, a transgender woman, was a well known hair and make up artist in the Canton community.
The coroner is not releasing where on Caldwell’s body she was shot. Her body is being taken to the state crime lab.
Her death is being investigated as a homicide and the investigation is ongoing.
Link http://m.msnewsnow.com/msnewsnow/db_330626/contentdetail.htm?contentguid=zqMTD80o