Blogger Armon Wiggins Continue Attack The Transgender Community During His Facebook LIVE Video 

Facebook blogger Armon Wiggins is still bashing transgender women of color. He recently invited Cherry Balenciaga on his show. He couldn’t help himself calling her a dude and other transphobia terms. Over 600 people was watching LIVE as it happened. He even had commercials playing in the LIVE feed which I feel is highly offensive. I highly doubt those advertisers want their products promoted on a platform that promotes hate. Check out the interview below 


Nicki Minaj Allegedly Has Her Studio Sessions on Lockdown Amid Remy Ma Feud

Does Remy Ma have Nicki Minaj on edge?
Ever since Remy dropped “ShEther” and Nicki kinda clapped back with “No Frauds,” their little feud seems to have died down…at least in the public eye.
According to a source at All HipHop, Nicki is way more afraid of Remy in ‘real life’ than what she’s letting on. She apparently has her studio sessions on complete lockdown.
Nicki has been working out of a very popular studio lately, and she won’t eat or touch anything that’s been opened out of fear that someone may be trying to harm or poison her.
Apparently the studio is so locked down that only the employees and engineers are the ones allowed to be there.
The source says that Nicki won’t have more than one person in the studio at a time, making work difficult for everyone, and causing each work day to be 15 hours long for the people there.
Well…safety first, right?

Nicki Minaj Shoots Remy Ma Diss Video In London

Nicki Minaj‘s time in Europe has been productive to say the least.
Following a wild time in Paris, the rapper set sail for England where- much to the delight of the millions who adore her in the market- she is shooting the visual for her Remy Ma response cut ‘No Frauds.’
Ready to catch your first look at the video?
Watch below…

Safaree Weighs In More Thoughts On The Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill Break Up

According to TMZ, Safaree believes that one of the main reasons that Omeeka is no longer a thing is because Meek couldn’t be an asset to Nicki’s career. The lip-lickin’ struggle rapper says that evidence of Meek’s inability is that fact that Nicki didn’t release a new album during their 2-year fling.
The implication is that HIS relationship with Nicki was more valuable because he was able to help her with making music.
Part of this commentary is due to the fact that Sassafras is still in love with Nicki and is willing to mend fences and reunite their sweet black love. Despite all the ugliness that followed their break-up, Nicki and Sarsaparilla have long history and he thinks they might could work things out.