#Emmys Red Carpet 2017 


Cookie Tookie Is In Jail. 

   Over the past couple of days her team and her fans was looking for her.   
 So sad Cookie Tookie was book for a couple of ATL gay pride events, sadly she missed it. I hope Cookie Tookie get her shit together. 


 Say What! Cookie Tookie Was In A Fight With Lucy Papers VIDEO. 


  Baby cookie Tookie need to be trying out for ufc, she was fighting a transgender with her fists. And a lot of people is saying she won.

    Lucy Papers is the girl name that was fighting Cookie Tookie allegedly. Check out the video below. 

Samantha James was  Disrespectful To A Church??  

Today I saw on my Facebook timeline Samantha James the transgender woman, went to church she had to go to restroom and She used the women restroom not men, the problem one of the male church members asked to see her ID. And you can see in the video below Samantha James AKA Cookie Tookie goes off.