The Freaky Boiz Release New Album – Category Closed

Finally The Freaky Boiz release a new body of work. I am loving the Hell Nah track. Download the new Freaky Boiz album now


What’s Next For “The Freaky Boiz” .@ttgotit .@PrinceCharmingP

The Freaky Boiz has been very quiet for almost a year. Questions has surfaced of when they are going to release their long awaited album. Sources report that they are working on new material, but they are afraid on releasing a new album. 

Personally, I think it’s time The Freaky Boiz release an album because they have a dedicated fan base. In order for them to go to the next level, The Freaky Boiz need a successful album.

NEW Video: The Freaky Boiz ‘Make It Hot’

The Freaky Boiz is back with a hot video. Those dance routines is everything. They really representing the LGBT community in a good way. I give this video two thumbs up. Check out the video below. 

The Wiley Show Is Now On iHeartRADIO